Thursday, January 16, 2014

It's a mid-term election year and you need to vote.

It looks like the Internet is winning the retail shopping war. Some estimates are that sales is increasing by a few hairs indicating some sort of consumer recovery.

Not so much for Macy's, cutting 2500 jobs, and JC Penney. CNN reports the company is cutting 2000 jobs and closing 33 stores. The list of stores sound like towns you might hear announced at a Grey Hound bus station, maybe not an Amtrak train station. Small towns long-decimated by Walmart super centers.

I lived near some of these towns where the stores are closing. I imagine these are very old buildings already in blighted neighborhoods. Some entire towns are blighted, probably because everyone in town stocks shelves or loads up the deep fryer during the week and makes popcorn on the weekends for minimum wage.

The piss-poor economy is reverberating back up the pipes far enough to wreak havoc on the financial system with even more Bad Corporate News. Best Buy sales dropped, there is an overabundance of retail inventory, which was falsely reported as a story that merchants were stocking extra inventory due to confidence in a growing economy.

Unemployment failed to pass in the Senate because the Republicans are playing politics by obfuscating between claims of not getting the amendments they want and the claim of not having the money to pay for it.

Not enough people are turning out to vote for mid-term elections and it has destroyed the United States House of Representatives and the United States Senate. If you didn't vote, it's your fault.