Friday, December 29, 2017

Soap Scum Hack

I recently switched to Dawn Dish Soap as my primary bathroom soap. The most amazing thing happened. My bathroom stayed clean. I discovered that dirt accumulates on soap scum left behind by other soaps, so much that special bathroom cleaners must be purchased to remove the mess.

Coincidentally, Procter & Gamble, the owners of Dawn, also own Safeguard. Bar soaps and other types of body wash typically leave a film on tile and fixtures, you can definitely smell the shampoo and body wash in the shower long after bathing.

But, the bulk of P&G products are stronger kitchen and bathroom cleaning products, the kind most needed for removing the filthy soap scum left behind by bathing soap manufactured by Unilever.

I know, you value your skin products, maybe I should too, but Dawn Liquid is the detergent of choice for washing wildlife caught in oil spills, and I like that non-greasy feeling afterwards. Plus I don't need to shower as often.