Sunday, December 1, 2013

Bloody Black Friday, Saturday and Sunday

It's Sunday and the numbers aren't in yet for the long-anticipated post-Thanksgiving weekend sales, except the LA Times Reported the sales on Thanksgiving Day and  Black Friday rose a mere 2.3% It seems that impulse shopping and target or "mission" shopping can be graphed inversely proportional along a scale of disposable income.

Thanksgiving was once a feast before the Battle of the Big Box Stores. Now the battle starts early and it's the bloodiest on record. It's only expected to get worse as the years pass without increased employment or wages. Parents will be faced with the prospect of having nothing to distract their children on Christmas morning except themselves. It must be a horrifying thought to inspire such bloody violent shopping.

We should see the complete numbers by the middle of this week. I hope it was worth it.

Interestingly, More people were draw to the stores but spent less. The headlines of two major publications make them seem at odds with each other. The Wall Street Journal reports the sales dropped by 3% from last year while USA Today is reporting "Black Friday and Holiday shopping brighter than forecast." Bloomberg reports holiday sales up by 2.3%.

Slate reported that the shopping traffic was redistributed throughout Thanksgiving and Friday.